Smartphone BL8800 5G 8GB/128GB Dual Sim

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✔ 6.58" FHD+ screen
✔ 50MP Rear Camera
✔ Battery 8380mAh
✔ Dimensity 700 5G Processor
✔ Shipments, warranties and after-sales service in Portugal

Colors: Black

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€449,90 €399,90
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Make Blackview Blackview

MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G Camera 50MP 8GB+128GB
8380mAh. 33W OS 3.0 Fast Charging (Based on Android 11)
IP68 & IP69K & MIL-STD-810H Glove Mode | night vision

military class

Durability from the inside out.


An insane battery, 45% above average with 33W fast charging.

Dimension 700 5G

An extremely fast 5G chip that surpasses
all competition to take the lead.


Our best AI quad camera with night and thermal vision system.

Doke OS 3.0

The new Doke OS 3.0 operative system, based on Android 11.

Everything responds in a Second-Now!

  • 3D liquid cooling copper tube

  • 8GB + 128GB

  • 2* Cortex-A76

    6*2.0GHz Cortex-A55

  • MediaTek Dimension 700

  • antutu

  • 8.5°C* CPU

    temperature reduction

  • LPDDR4X + UFS2.1


Ascend to the MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G

Boost performance like never before

The integrated MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G SoC enhances virtually everything it does - faster uploads, downloads and streaming. Video calls as if you were there. High-quality gaming on the go with ultra-low lag. The appliqués load in the blink of an eye and are silky smooth.

  • 5G-CA (2CC)

  • Cortex-A76 large cores

  • 7nm processor

  • MediaTek 5G UltraSave

  • MediaTek 5G UltraSave

    Other 5G modem designs

  • 40%

    more efficient

  • Silky smooth video preview.

  • Upload or download in mere seconds

  • Fluid and clear 4K live streaming

  • Video calls as if you were there

  • High-quality gaming on the go with ultra-low lag.

  • +

The BL8800 series' massive storage lets you take your media library anywhere, whether it's taking pictures, videos or downloading some movies before a long trip.

  • 50%
    in data transfer rate
  • 55%
    of the general speed
    UFS 2.1
    UFS 2.0

Stay calm under pressure

liquid cooling system

The BL8800 series adopts 3D copper tube liquid cooling technology that provides a CPU temperature reduction of up to 8.5°C* across the entire device. Fight in the heat of the game cooler than ever before.

  • 9400mm 2

    graphite flake

  • 2300mm 2

    Copper tube of steam chambers


  • portrait color

    30fps Video

  • Night Mode 2.0


    • IR night vision camera

    • HDR 2.0

      16MP Tetrapixel™ front camera

  • underwater mode


    ultra wide camera

    50MP AI Quad Camera with Night Vision

    The BL8800 is equipped with our finest quality camera system - an ultra-bright 50MP AI Main camera, a transparent night vision lens in the dark, a 117° ultra wide-angle lens, along with sophisticated camera algorithms. This highly unified camera system always supports you for shooting day or night, or ultra-wide, on land or underwater.

    16MP front camera

    50MP main camera

    Dual LED Flash

    2M depth chamber

    20MP IR night vision camera

    117°, 8MP ultra-wide camera

    2 IR emitters

    • 50MP main camera

      Color your memory

      The BL8800's 50MP main camera incorporates improvements in light and color sensitivity, which capture stunning textures and colors every time you take a picture. Memorize it as your eyes see it, full of vivid detail.

    IR night vision camera

    Everything is clear in total darkness

    With a 20MP IR night vision camera, plus two IR LEDs, the BL8800 allows you to see in total darkness, as well as take photos and videos without any clarity.

    Learn about wildlife through silent observation

    Night vision offers an incredible way to observe wildlife from a distance, so they don't have the fear or desire to run away.

    Design your privacy

    Not even a hidden camera can hide from night vision mode. Perfect for people who travel a lot and rent out rooms and houses and who take their privacy very seriously.

    How do you know if your house is being guarded by thieves?

    Turn on the night vision camera. Smartly protect your home.

    Increase personal safety, especially outdoors.

    • Avoid danger by detecting wildlife. Increase awareness of surrounding danger.

    • Find lost party members, even on a night of total darkness.

    • It helps to get back to camp if you venture out too late.

    • Raise awareness around when exploring a deserted cave.

    117° Ultra-wide

    Tell more stories in one frame.

    The BL8800 lets you zoom out to the ultra wide angle of 117° for even wider landscape/group photography.

    16MP front camera

    Tetrapixel™ for clarity in low light, sharper in daylight.

    The 16MP Samsung® ISOCELL 3P9 front camera with Tetrapixel™ technology mimics the large pixel to take brighter 4MP photos, while the emosaic algorithm creates a detailed 16MP high-resolution image. Increasing light sensitivity to significantly improve image quality in bright and dark lighting conditions.

    • Upgrade to HDR 2.0

      The new generation HDR with 2x the performance. Get photos and videos that are magnificently lifelike, with more detail and smoother motion.

    • Upgrade to Night Mode 2.0

      Built-in low light HRD, you can get brighter and more amazing images in low light conditions.

    • Color Portrait

      Show your personality by enjoying the colorful art.

    • Portrait

      Portrait mode artistically blurs the background so your face is the focus.

    underwater mode

    Get as close to the pool as possible to maintain sharpness and color.

    * In water, Underwater mode allows you to press the side buttons to control shooting, even if touch screen is disabled with water pressure.

    * In water, Underwater mode allows you to press the side buttons to control shooting, even if touch screen is disabled with water pressure.


    Cinematic 2K in your pocket

    Preserve every detail of your memories with high frame rate recordings. With cinematic 2k video recording that supports 30 qrames per second, the BL8800 series lets you capture your favorite moments in stunning detail, just as you remember them.

    Filmed on BL8800

    Forget the anxiety of running out of battery

    • dual electric colors

    • 8380mAh


      fast charging

    • 720 hours on standby

      8380mAh battery

    Insane 8380mAh battery

    45% above average capacity

    4G/WiFi off standby time up to 720 hours* (30 days) and music time up to 34 hours*. Take the anxiety out of running out of battery with the BL8800 series.

    • 12 pm


    • 10 am


    • 34 hours


    • 32 h


    • 5 pm


    • 720 h


    • 33W fast charging

      Back in action in no time

      33W fast charging guarantees you the right choice when choosing a smartphone with a giant battery. It only takes 1.5 hours to charge the giant 8380mAh battery. It's handy, especially when you're short on time and need some energy right away.

    • 31%


    Also works as a power bank

    Buy 2, Pay 1

    Support reverse charging function, BL8800 series can work as a huge 8380mAh power bank to lend power to another device on the go. The Type-C charging port makes it easy to connect.

    • TWS

    • IQOS

    • mobile

    • iPhone

    • smart watch

    • switch

    • Other

    Doke OS 3.0 (based on Android 11)

    Massive upgrade in design, convenience and smoothness

    As a result of the joint effort of Blackview's research and development team, Doke OS 3.0 is here to deliver smoother, simpler interaction and more personalized experiences on the BL8800 series.

    To know more

    design update

    • Ready for the Revolution?

      Doke OS 3.0 renders all the magic tricks that amuse you and save your time. It always makes your interaction with the BL8800 series easy as you can install applications, discard folders, rearrange icons, access application shortcuts and customize your themes, wallpapers or icons with ease.

      The updated notebook

      A corner of your private space

      Sometimes it can be inappropriate to express your feelings in public on social media which is why you need a private notebook to jot down what you think, probably your whimsical thoughts, creative doodles, to-do lists or more.

    Admirable improvement in convenience

    • next level design

      Swipe up, down, right or left or try more gestures to navigate in Doke OS 3.0 which makes it easier for you to control the BL8800 series with convenient floating windows.

    • Swipe left or right for smart sidebar

      automatic popup

    • Swipe right down one screen

    • Swipe down on the control panel

      Press volume button for right pop-up window

    Impressive improvement in smoothness

      • smart preload

        Ready, Fast and Smart

        By learning the user's application opening pattern, Doke OS 3.0 with preload is able to predict which applications will launch and help preload your applications before actually opening them, thus improving the average opening speed. of applications by 7%.

      • Count on yourself at all times

        Doke OS 3.0 witnesses faster and smoother animation of screenshots and all kinds of floating windows. Always be in sync with yourself with no latency

    When you want to play for real, the BL8800 series gives you the game

    Battle tested stamina

    Specializing in rugged phone R&D and manufacturing for 9 years, Blackview rugged phones have a solid track record of empowering outdoor enthusiasts and workers in demanding environments. Keeping in line with the "tough" DNA, the BL8800 series goes one step further by adopting a new feature - 'Glove Mode' and combining it with the updated MIL-STD-810H to further crush the limits of use.

    Screen that works with gloves

    The BL8800 series is equipped with glove working technology – 'Glove Mode', which makes it easy to use the phone when wearing gloves at work, in sport or on winter days.

    Note: When 'Glove Mode' is activated, the screen responds more sensitively to glove touches. Turn off 'Glove Mode' when not wearing gloves to prevent accidental screen activation.

    Upgrade to H fredeom G

    The BL8800 series revolutionizes endurance by upgrading to the MIL-STD-810H, the latest revision of the MIL-STD-810, which includes numerous changes from its predecessor, MIL-STD-810G. To meet the standard, the BL8800 series includes, but is not limited to:

    • Rain

    • sand and dust

    • Vibration

    • Shock

    • Acceleration

    • High temperature

    • * Low temperature

    • Humidity

    • Altitude

    • Immersion

    Industry-leading IP68 and IP69K waterproof rating

    A waterproof smartphone ensures peace of mind for outdoor activities and field work filled with unpredictable elements. The BL8800 series can be submerged in 1.5 meters of fresh water for up to 30 minutes*. Always ready to face the challenge.

    It is suggested to air dry the device after immersion in water

    Rugged frame to withstand daily setbacks

    Metal frame fixed with screws to reduce the risk of collapsing

    Soft double-shot molding TPU rubber for great protection against drops and bumps

    Thickened rubber corner for incredible shockproof performance

    Tight-fitting charging port cover, enhanced by a nano-membrane to resist water infiltration

    6.58'' FHD+ display

    The BL8800 series features a 6.58-inch FHD+ display, combined with in-cell technology for distinct clarity and vivid colors.

    • 2408 x 1080

      FHD+ resolution

    • 85%

      screen-body relationship

    • 18:8

      Screen ratio

    • 400

      PPI density

    • 480


    Other small features that make a big deal

    • Fingerprint sensor and on/off button in one place

      Easy to reach. Unlock in the blink of an eye

    • Custom function button for 7 function shortcuts and quick access to your favorite app

      • start sound recording

      • open flashlight

      • Screenshots

      • open underwater camera

      • open PTT

      • open SOS

      • open game mode

    • Global LTE bands

      Travel worldwide with reliable connectivity

      4G band:
      FDD: B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/13/17/18/19/20/25/26/28A/28B/30/66
      TDD: B34/38/39/40/41

      5G band:

    • Useful Tool Kit

      There are several professional applications to help you get your work done.

    • air pressure sensor

      Perform as your handy and reliable assistant when hiking, mountaineering.

    • GPS & GLONASS & Beidou & Galileo

      always in the right direction

      More is better when it comes to satellites. BL8800 series quad navigation system enables faster and more reliable ambiguity correction even in street canyons, mountains.

    • rope hook

      This design is ready for adventure. Just call and go. Keep your smartphone safe so you can “live in the moment”

    • all-in-one NFC

      Conveniently use Google Pay, buy public transport tickets and share files with other smartphones.

    • Orange

    • Green

    • Black

    • Model


    • Colors

      orange, green, black

    • dimensions


    • Weight


    • Robust Rating

      IP68 & IP69K & MIL-STD-810H

    • YOU

      Doke OS 3.0 (Based on Android 11)

    • Screen

      6.58-inch 2408*1080 FHD+ IPS
      85% Screen-to-body Ratio

    • CPU

      MediaTek Dimension 700

    • RAM & ROM

      8GB RAM + 128GB ROM

    • Drums

      Battery 8380mAh, 33W Super Charging

    • chambers

      50MP+20M+8MP+2M Rear Camera; 16MP Front Camera

    • Navigation


    • WiFi


    • connectivity

      2G Band:
      GSM: 850/900/1800/1900
      3G Band:
      WCDMA: B1/2/4/5/6/8/19
      CDMA: BC0/BC1/BC10
      4G Band:
      FDD: B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/13/17/18/19/20/25/26/28A/28B/30/66
      TDD: B34/38/39/40/41
      5G Band

    • card slots

      Dual Nano SIM

    • Height: 176.2 mm
      Width: 83.5mm
      Thickness: 17.7 mm
      Weight: 365g

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    Smartphone BL8800 5G 8GB/128GB Dual Sim

    €449,90 €399,90